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Marissa James

Professional Novel Editing
Proofreading Services



ou've finished your manuscript—now what?

Whether you're seeking the fresh perspective of a beta reader, the rigorous analysis of an editorial review, or the final polish of proofreading, I'm ready to help make your work the best it can be.

Wherever you are in your specific project, I will tailor my assistance and feedback to meet your individual needs.


Beta Reading

Beta reading includes:

  • A thorough read-through the manuscript with careful attention to the big stuff: character, pacing, themes, setting, plot, story development, and more

  • In-line notes to share thoughts and impressions as I read

  • A written review to summarize my thoughts and address any questions or concerns from the author

  • Availability to provide follow-up assistance and feedback as requested

Several Open Books
Beta Reading

Novel Editing

Open Books

Editorial services include:

  • Touch-base with the author to determine the type and level of editing desired

  • Thorough in-line notes on the manuscript to highlight successes and potential areas for improvement

  • Careful attention to character development, narrative voice, world building, internal logic, clarity, pacing, themes, and more

  • In-line correction of typos, grammar, and spelling where observed

  • Detailed manuscript review to discuss notes, suggested changes, and to address any specific author concerns or questions

  • Availability to provide follow-up assistance and feedback as requested



Proofreading services include:

  • Confirmation of US or UK spelling, and any other stylistic preferences

  • Correction of spelling, grammar, syntax, homophones, idiom, punctuation, and formatting

  • Attention to unintentional shifts in narrative, such as change of tense, point of view, tone, and anachronistic language

  • In-line suggestions for improved word choice, phrasing, and sentence structure

  • Availability to provide follow-up assistance and feedback as requested

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y lifelong passion for the art of writing, coupled with over eight years of experience offering editorial and proofreading services, has given me a thorough understanding of the nuance of writing, in both the large and small scale.


I am well-versed in a wide variety of genres including fantasy, science fiction, young adult, and much more, and welcome all literary styles.

My focus, whether beta reading for story, editing for structure and development, or giving a final proofreading polish, always remains making your manuscript the very best version of the story you want to tell.



"I hired Marissa to beta read my first novel and she was incredibly helpful! She gave thoughtful, thorough feedback that helped me put the finishing touches on the final version.
I was very pleased and would happily recommend her services to fellow writers!"
“Working with Marissa has been an incredible pleasure. She is professional, polite, and thorough in her work, and never hesitates to provide helpful information to make your writing sound better.


I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a dedicated, patient, kind proofreader or editor. You will not regret it!”

-N. Malone
"I hired Marissa James to beta read my medieval fantasy novel, Panthera. Marissa is friendly and professional. She delivered an amazing, detailed report, giving me the unbiased feedback I needed.
Her critique covered everything from the storyline, characters, dialog, world-building, to writing style, and more. In addition, she marked grammatical errors, like punctuation and typos, but also discrepancies and inconsistencies.
I was more than happy with her service. I highly recommend Marissa James. "


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